Welcome to Plastic Craft

We process high performance, hot cured polyurethanes in a range of durometers, from 50 Shore A to 75 Shore D. We mix and gravity cast components from 2 grams up to 30kg. Our work ranges from making one prototype to making thousands of OEM components.

  • Rod, Sheet, Rollers, Bushings - custom moulded to your requirements.
  • Construction Products:
    • Rebate boards used in formwork for wall to floor joins in high rise construction. Re-use of the board, and reduced set up time for the board and threaded inserts make our rebate boards cost effective in buildings over 8 floors.
    • Custom made plugs to suit various couplers used in construction and also in precast concrete.
    • Floor waste plugs for security (prison) floor waste grates.
  • Engine Mounts and Driveshaft Couplings for marine applications.

Polyurethane is a thermoset elastomeric material possessing unprecedented physical properties. It offers toughness and durability far beyond the range of most rubbers and plastics. One of the most unique characteristics of this material is its broad hardness range, from eraser-soft to bowling ball hard. The hardness of polyurethane is governed by the molecular structure of the prepolymer and not by the addition of plasticizers or fillers. Plastic Craft Polyurethane Moulding is a partnership between C.S.C. Birch and M.A. Scott, commencing operations in May 2006. Michael Scott Michael has a background in Materials Science, and has worked in manufacturing since 1991, with experience in R&D, extrusion, quality assurance, and polyurethane moulding. Cameron Birch Cameron's experience is with product design and machining of metal and polyurethane components. He has over 10 years manufacturing experience with hands on ability in the workshop. Location Plastic Craft is located in an industrial complex adjoining Red Phoenix Pty Ltd and White Phoenix Pty Ltd.

  • Red Phoenix are steel fabricators and manufacturers of shade structures, fencing components, and truck parts.
  • White Phoenix are manufacturers of stainless steel bowrails, biminis and guardrails, and custom fabricators of stainless steel and aluminium fuel and water tanks.

We liaise with our neighbours to produce products incorporating metal components as well as polyurethane.