At Plasticcraft, urethane products are produced to order. The bulk of our production is to the industry. Toll Manufacture We have capacity to manufacture your polyurethane product. We offer speedy service, and the flexibility to produce anything from a single component to thousands. We can help you take your design from the idea stage, through prototyping, and onto quantity production. We offer a wide range of formulations to meet your physical requirements, and the ability to manufacture parts of all shapes and sizes. Cast Urethane Because the cast urethane is a liquid, we can gravity-fill moulds with little or no pressure. This type of tooling is generally less expensive - great for prototyping and short- to medium-production runs. Insert Moulding We can mould to inserts such as bearings, wheel and roller hubs, threaded fasteners, metal plates, and shafts. The insert can be made from aluminium, steel, stainless steel or plastic. Copolymer Moulding We can mould layered materials, such as contrast colours for wear indicators, or different hardness for a combination of properties. Machining and Finishing We can conduct basic machining or milling of finished product where a machined finish is necessary for cosmetic reasons or for dimensional tolerances. Clear Parts We can mould bubble free clear parts such as sight glasses and badges.
  • We can provide a wide range of durometers: From 45 Shore "A" (soft) to 75 Shore "D" (hard).
  • We can use a variety of pigments to produce a broad range of colours.
  • Plasticcraft can strip and recoat worn parts, bond to metal, machine to tight tolerances, work from existing tooling, and assist in the designing of custom parts.