Plasticcraft uses Australian made Era Polymers. We stock about 10 different grades as well as a variety of colours, plasticizer, catalyst and bonding agents. All Plasticcraft products are made to order, allowing flexibility in colour, dimensions and durometer. Products made by us include:

    • Sheet
    • Rod
    • Wear pads
    • Wheels
    • Rollers
    • Bushings
    • Scraper Blades
    • Bumpers
    • Gears
    • Shade cloth/canvas guide bullets
    • Sleeper Mould Liners
    • Recoating of conveyor drive wheels, forklift wheels etc.
    • Rebate Boards
    • Concrete plugs/formwork
    • Orthopedic shoe inserts
    • Return pads for press machinery
    • Skateboard bushings
    • Kombi door slider blocks
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Rod and Sheet: 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100mm diameter, lengths 300 or 600mm Sheet: Sizes up to 1200x600mm. Thickness 3mm to 40mm Rollers & Wheels: Plasticcraft manufactures polyurethane wheels and rollers for a variety of industries and applications. We can strip and recoat old wheels (eg conveyor rollers, forklift wheels) and have several proven materials in various durometers for wheel applications. We have the ability to manufacture solid urethane wheels or rollers, or we can bond urethane to a metal or plastic hub, depending on your needs. Gears: We have polyurethane formulations that have proven to be an outstanding choice for power transmission applications; including sprockets, cogs, spacers and idlers. Bumpers Plasticcraft offers a wide range of hardness and colours for bumper applications. We have the ability to bond to metal, to provide additional support and mounting options. Concrete Products: Rebate Boards. These form a rebate for the wall to floor join in high-rise construction, and are used to hold metal ferrules in place. The advantages of Polyurethane Rebate Boards over other rebating systems are:

    • Set up Once; rebate board remains attached to shutter. In multi storey applications this gives substantial time savings compared with nailing plates
    • Technically superior wall to floor joins; systems using couplers/threaded inserts do not fatigue the reinforcing bar by bending it, and give superior shear strength
    • Simplicity; there are no moving parts
    • Ease of use; the board is easily mounted with roofing screws. Inserts are pushed into moulded recesses in the board.

Shower Grate Inserts: Concrete formwork to suit Security Floor Waste Code FWCSR50P floor waste grates. These are used to plug the drainpipe during pouring of concrete floors, enabling the concreter to produce a quality finish, with accurate fall to the drain. These have been used in construction of Sir David Longlands Correctional Centre, Townsville Mens Prison and Townsville Womens Prison.
Isoflex Engine Mounts, Flexible Driveshaft Couplings, Light Machinery Mounts.
We manufacture moulded components for Isoflex Technologies Pty Ltd.